FOR PATIENTS: Patients can order specimen collection kits by clicking here to download the Patient Request Form.

The Whole Blood & Serum Kit should be ordered for any/all tests that we offer, with the exception of Tissue samples, Cerebral Spinal Fluid, or Urine samples.

Included in the collection kits are all the necessary vials, paperwork, and shipping material that will be needed to collect the sample, and have it safely transported to IGeneX for testing. Please note that testing will not start unless all the appropriate paperwork has been completed, including the referring doctor’s signature. Results are sent to your referring doctor upon completion.

FOR PHYSICIANS: Test collection kits are available with shipping materials at no charge from IGeneX by clicking here to download the Physician Request Form, by calling (800) 832-3200, or by sending an email to Please include your name, complete mailing address, and tests to be ordered.

Please note the time it takes for a kit to arrive:

United States: 5-7 business days

Canada: 7-10 business days

International:  2-3 weeks