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Lyme Isn’t the Only Disease Ticks Are Spreading This Summer

IT STARTED WITH vomiting and a fever. But a few days later, five-month-old Liam was in the emergency room, his tiny body gripped by hourly waves of seizures. X-rays and MRIs showed deep swelling in his brain. When an infectious disease specialist at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center diagnosed Liam with Powassan virus in November, he […]

Visiting physician sheds new light on Lyme disease

Over the course of the hour, she shared the most recent findings that she and her colleagues have made on the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease, in particular on the 10 to 15 percent of patients who suffer long-term symptoms, defined by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (PTLDS). She […]

Fatal Forecast: Lyme Disease Will Plague America

The CDC reports the disease, and the ticks that carry the disease, are concentrated in the northeast and upper Midwest. Ticks carry more than Lyme disease, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever and human babesiosis, a rare microscopic parasite that infects red blood cells. READ MORE

Our ‘World Class’ Health System Doesn’t Get My Tick Of Approval

…This has not been my experience. In early 2014, an unknown illness assailed me and my health quickly deteriorated. The full impact of Lyme disease and what it would put me and my family through has taken years to deal with, and the journey is not over. READ MORE

Bodies in Motion: An Athlete’s Journey Through Lyme Disease

…I began feeling more tired than usual, taking naps occasionally and skipping workouts here and there (a rarity for me)…… My desire to run became seemingly non-existent and was instead replaced by teary eyes and a running nose in the evenings. My boyfriend became concerned and my mother deeply worried. READ MORE