All collection kits include: Labeled Specimen Box, 2Day FedEx Billable Stamp, UN3373 FedEx Pak, Test Requisition Form with specimen requirements and pricing, Collection and Shipping Instructions, Payment and Billing Policies, Medicare Forms, Clinical History Form

Collection Kit Contents

Serum and Whole Blood Collection Kit: 1 SST 8.5 ml, 1 EDTA 6.0 ml, 1 Green Top Heparin 6.0 ml, 4 Tube Styrofoam Holder, 1 Absorbent Paper, 1 Clear Ziploc Bag, 3 Name Labels

Urine Collection Kit: 6 Gray Top Tubes, 3 Wipes, 3 Clear Sterile Plastic Cups, 3 Plastic Transfer Pipettes, 6 Name Labels, 2 Clear Ziploc Bags, 2 Rubber Bands, 2 Absorbent Papers, 2 Three Tube Styrofoam Holders

Miscellaneous Collection Kit: 1 SST 8.5 ml, I EDTA 4.0 ml, 1 Clear Sterile Plastic Tube, 1 Freezer Pack, 3 Name Labels, 3 Tube Styrofoam Holder, 1 Absorbent Paper, 1 Rubber Band, 1 Clear Ziploc Bag


  1. Kit is FREE of charge
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  3. For International Collection Kits – International FedEx Air Waybill with Waybill pouch will also be provided.
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The Whole Blood & Serum Kit should be ordered for any/all tests that we offer, with the exception of Tissue samples, Cerebral Spinal Fluid, or Urine samples.