Borreliosis is a world-wide infectious disease caused by spiral-shaped bacteria of the genusBorrelia, which is carried by ticks and louse. The two groups of Borrelia known to cause disease in humans are:

  • B. burgdorferi sensu lato that causes Lyme disease and
  • The Relapsing Fever Borrelia group that cause Relapsing Fever.

Lyme Disease is generally diagnosed by ELISA and followed by Western blots.  Unfortunately, the sensitivity of the commercially available tests is poor. Therefore, we have developed several B. burgdorferi tests to detect and speciate B. burgdorferi that will aid the physician to make the right diagnosis, when used in conjunction with clinical symptoms and patient history.

Tick-borne Relapsing Fever (TBRF) is a complex and progressively systemic illness, which tends to mimic other diseases, including Lyme Disease. Therefore, laboratory testing is required for diagnosis. TBRF Borrelia can be seen in a giemsa stained blood smear only very early in the disease. Therefore, we have developed a variety of TBRF Borrelia tests that will aid in the clinical diagnosis.

IGeneX offers the following tests to help physicians in the accurate detection of Lyme Disease and relapsing fever.

Lyme Disease:

  1. Lyme Serology Tests
    1. Lyme Serology IgG/IgM
    2. Lyme Serology IgM
    3. C6 B. burgdorferi (Lyme) ELISA™
    4. Lyme IgA/IgG/IgM IFA Screen
  2. Lyme ImmunoBlot IgM and IgGNEW
  3. Lyme IGXSpotNEW
  4. Lyme Western Blot IgM and IgG
  5. Lyme IgM and IgG 31 kDa Epitope Test
  6. Lyme Multiplex PCR
  7. Lyme Dot Blot

Relapsing Fever

(*) Not yet available for New York residents.