IGeneX Relapsing Fever Borrelia q-PCR detects the specific DNA of relapsing fever Borrelia group and speciates to B. miyamotoi in human specimens and ticks.

Result Interpretation

Reference Range

  • Negative- Relapsing Fever Borrelia specific DNA not detected
  • Negative- B. miyamotoi specific DNA not detected

Clinical Significance

The Relapsing Fever (RF) Borrelia group real-time PCR Assay is designed for qualitative detection of RF Borrelia group DNA in clinical samples. The RF group includes B. miyamotoi, B. hermsii, B. coriaceae, B. lonestari and B. anserine, etc. The assay detects RF Borrelia group genomic DNA and B. miyamotoi specific DNA.


  1. Results should be interpreted in conjunction with other laboratory and clinical findings.
  2. Test results can only help the physician in confirming clinical diagnosis.

Ordering Information

Collection and Shipping Instructions

Tests 556, 573: See Serum and Whole Blood Samples-Collection & Shipping   Instructions

Tests 559, 562: See Urine Samples- Collection & Shipping Instructions

Tests 565, 568 See Miscellaneous Specimen Collection & Shipping Instructions

Test Offered

Test# 573 Relapsing Fever PCR – Serum** CPT Code 87800, 87801
Test# 556 Relapsing Fever PCR – Whole Blood** CPT Code 87800, 87801
Test# 559 Relapsing Fever PCR – Urine** CPT Code 87800, 87801
Test# 562 Relapsing Fever PCR – Urine (pooled from 3 samples)** CPT Code 87800, 87801
Test# 565 Relapsing Fever PCR – Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF)** CPT Code 87800, 87801
Test# 568 Relapsing Fever PCR – Miscellaneous** CPT Code 87800, 87801
Relapsing Fever PCRs are part of the following Test Panels:
Test Panel# 8025 Initial Relapsing Fever Panel**
Test Panel# 8035 Complete Relapsing Fever Panel**
Test Panel# 8045 Complete Relapsing Fever Panel with Urine**
Test Panel# 8055 NN Special Borrelia Panel**
Test Panel# 6070 Complete Borreliosis Panel**
Test Panel# 6090 Super Borreliosis Panel**

**Test/Panels are not yet available for New York Residents