Lyme disease has become increasingly challenging to diagnose.

While there are over 329,000 new cases reported every year, many cases go unreported or patients are misdiagnosed for other ailments. This is a frustration for doctors and a long and agonizing journey for patients. Physicians want to be guided in the right direction with more accurate test results and patients are seeking much needed relief.

IGeneX has been dedicated to Lyme disease testing for 25 years.

We are well known for our best-in-class testing, which delivers the most comprehensive results possible. Our testing has made a huge difference in several lives. See our testimonials. At IGeneX, we …… 

  • Test more relevant strains of Borrelia species and other associated tick borne pathogens than other labs.
  • Detect other related Borrelia species, like Borrelia miyamotoi, that exhibits Lyme-like symptoms.
  • Have our own research and development team, who are experts in Lyme and associated tick-borne related diseases, and are relentlessly committed to developing new and improved diagnostic tests.
  • Are hands on and develop our testing criteria in-house based on years of evidence and validation studies.

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