IGeneX – At the Forefront of Lyme Disease Research and Development

We are hands on and develop our tests in-house using a wider spectrum of relevant proteins and strains that look for more and detect more.

  • First to identify Borrelia burgdorferi in ticks in California.
  • First to identify Babesia in New York, Switzerland, and Australia, using our exclusive patented FISH technology.
  • First to introduce Relapsing Fever Western Blot testing.

We specialize in tick-borne diseases. Along with our cutting edge technologies, we have a highly focused team of talented scientists who are relentless at finding solutions that challenge the status quo of standard testing for Lyme and associated tick-borne related diseases. Our mission is to aid physicians in their diagnosis by providing the most comprehensive testing possible.

IGeneX is dedicated to continuous research and development. We are committed to unraveling the mysteries of Lyme disease and associated tick-borne related diseases. Our scientists work directly with physicians, universities, and other scientists that specialize in Lyme to continually evolve our testing criteria and accelerate the development of even more effective methods for diagnosis.

We are committed to the Lyme Community. IGeneX contributes to the diagnosis and prevention of Lyme disease by sharing our research through clinical studies and published reports, partnering with other Lyme experts, and speaking at conferences. We support Lyme groups and physician education.